Total Seats 80 80
Reservation GENERAL 50 %
  Special Category 5%
  Disabled 3 %
  Art and Culture 2%
  Sports 3 %
  • Admission to the F.Y.J.C. will be as per the online system introduced by the Government of Maharashtra / Dy. Director of Education, Greater Mumbai. Hence students are expected to visit the site. and apply online.
  • The schedule will be announced on the college website, after the S.S.C. results. Students offered admission are required to fill in the college admission form on the day of the merit list.
  • Admissions to Std. XII for outside students are held in the first week of May, subject to availability of seats in the respectiveclasses.
  • In the Junior College (+ 2 course) the following subjects offered are shown in the following tables:




Education (EVS)
F.Y.J.C. Rs 14030 Rs 18700
S.Y.J.C. Rs 14030 Rs 18700
Eligibility criteria for Primary

> At the time of admission for various standards the age limit prescribed by T.M.C is given below. Please refer:
Nursery:- up to 30th September 2017
Jr.Kg:- up to 30th September 2016
Sr.Kg:- up to 30th September 2015

> Parents seeking admission for their ward for grade( Nursery,,, Std 1st) will have to provide following documents.
1. Child's Birth certificate
2. Child's Aadhar card.
3. Child's family photo.

> For any certified difficulty of the child for his/her learning capability a copy of the same should be submitted to the school.

> For any known health issues of the child a medical certificate duly certified by a registered medical officer should be submitted to the school.

(For candidates coming from I.C.S.E., C.B.S.E., Other Boards / States and Foreign Boards):
On admission being offered to the candidate in the F.Y.J.C. (Std. XI) or S.Y.J.C. (Std. XII class), he/she is required to submit the following:

1. A duly filled Application Form for Provisional Eligibility. The form is available at the H.S.C. Board Office.

The Divisional Secretary,
Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher
Secondary Education, Mumbai Divisional Board,
Plot No. 27 & 28, Sector 16-A, Vashi, New Mumbai – 400 703

2. A photograph affixed and attested.

3. An attested copy of the Marksheet of the last examination passed.

4. An attested copy of Passing Certificate of last examination passed.

5. Original Migration Certificate.

6. Students passing ICSE / CBSE / OTHER BOARDS are additionally required to submit the following:

  • Original and an attested photocopy of School Leaving Certificate countersigned by the respective Educational Inspector / Education Officer before securing admission to F.Y.J.C.
  • The ‘DEED OF UNDERTAKING’ on stamped paper of Rs.100 signed by the candidate and parent / guardian. (The draft copy is available with the Application Form).
  • Candidates passing Class X CBSE are required to submit the Board Examination Hall Ticket.

NOTE: Admission to the Junior College (Std. XI or Std. XII) will be granted only on submission of the above.



Students of F.Y.J.C. (Arts and Science) will not be promoted to S.Y.J.C. unless they fulfil the following conditions:

1. Attend at least 75% of the lectures, practicals and tutorials in each term. If they do not fulfil this requirement, they will not be allowed to attempt the XI final exam.

2. Get their journals (in whichever subject Practicals are held) certified by the concerned teacher.

3. Secure a minimum of 35 % on the average marks of the 1st and 2nd Exams together with the Unit Tests in each subject.

4. Students who cannot attempt the 1st or 2nd term exams on medical grounds or for genuine reasons which have been accepted by the Principal / Vice-Principal, will have to appear for the Supplementary Exams.

5. The date and timings of the Supplementary Exams will be announced on the Junior College Notice Board.

6. No Supplementary Exams will be held for Std. XII Students.

7. No Supplementary Unit Tests will be held for St XI Students.

Students of S.Y.J.C. (Arts and Science) will not be granted terms unless they fulfil the following conditions:

1. Attend at least 75 % of the lectures, practicals and tutorials in each term.

2. Ensure that their journals are (in whichever subject Practicals are held) certified by the concerned teacher.
3. Submit their EVE projects within the schedule announced by the concerned teacher, or else they will be marked zero. Subsequently, such students will be detained in the same class.
4. Make sure that their performance at the two terminal examinations are satisfactorily handled.
Absence for Medical or other Valid Reasons:

  • No student is allowed to remain absent from lectures, practicals, unit test or terminal examinations without the explicit permission of the Principal (through the Vice Principal). If a student is absent without such a permission, disciplinary action (including denial of Terms) will be initiated by the College.
  • Absence from any College Test / Examination must be justified in writing and in case of illness, by a Medical Certificate. These letters and Medical Certificates, accompanied by a covering letter from the Parent / Guardian of the student, must be submitted to the Vice-Principal by the last day of the Examination / Test. Letters and Certificates to explain absence from Examinations / Tests must be submitted separately from those intended to explain absence from lectures / practicals.
  • Although illness or other serious circumstances may be considered valid reasons for absence from lectures, practicals, examinations, et al, the College may not have sufficient evidence of academic progress to grant the student terms for the year. The student would then have to repeat the course of studies in the following academic year.
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